Mega888 APK Download Link.

Mega88 Casino has been operating in Malaysia for a long time as an underground kiosk or called “Kedai Mesin” among the Malays. Now, you can play Mega888 Casino online or “online” in the UK even with your mobile phone. With the development of telecommunication network coverage and the rapid penetration of smart phones among Malaysians, it has already upgraded from an underground kiosk to an online casino gaming application suitable for all smart phones for gambling. You can select, download and play with Mega888 Casino software according to your smart phone type. The existing the app software iOS and Android versions allow online gambling that includes more than 100 slot games for you.

Mega888 Casino Offers Flexible Betting And Great Rewards.

There are various online casinos available in the market, but, Mega888 Casino can offer you flexible slot game betting even with lucrative rewards. By downloading the app for free into your mobile phone. You have managed one step closer to winning in big cash with slot games with Mega888 Casino. It will be constantly upgrading its slot games in terms of type and number.

The stability of the Mega888 Casino online betting system is one of the biggest reasons it is welcomed by slot players in Malaysia. With a massive investment in software development and its betting system, it has become the most stable slot game on the market. Many people want to download the APK, but often encounter problems when trying to download this game. Most users do not know that downloading this game is quite complicated, where this game can not be downloaded in the apple store or Play store. How do you want to play this game if it is not in the store? How to download this game if in the apple store as well?

Let’s give a guide to download this game 918kiss with iOS system!

What is Mega888 Online Casino?

Mega888 Online Casino is a Trusted Online Gambling that has been operating for the past 6 years. Since our inception, the slots have become the hottest Online Casino among players. Before Mega888, most of our players were worried about other Online Casinos being unsafe, slow to bank in and not washable. We are one of the earliest drivers in the era of the online casino revolution that gives our players the greatest, safest and most reliable games.

With the warm response of our games, it now has over 20,000 players actively playing our online casino. Our active players trust our company and they know that is the most trusted and principled company in the market. Players who come in big, get a big wash from our company. Players who enter small, but win big jackpots, can wash as well and all of this is proven in our company wash testimonial record.

Why Should You Choose It?


Great Graphic And Game In Mega888.

The appeal of this game is indeed appealing to online casino players. Our team of professional designers has produced an application that has beautiful graphics. Each game is regularly modified to be more fun, more beautiful, and more robust! Our game has the most cohesive jackpot graphics. Every detail of the design is meticulously scrutinized to give only the best to all our players.

Various Mega888 Slot Games.

Most casino players have a choice of their favorite games. This game has a collection of games that are quite diverse and interesting. Players are encouraged to try their luck with various types of online casino games available in iOS applications or APK for Android users. Importantly, our management team regularly upgrades and monitors our games to ensure players have the most fun and safe experience with us.

Exciting music.

Most other online casinos do not care about the music aspect. For us, the development of this app took a long time because we wanted to give the best to the players including music. For many players, our games are a channel to release stress and feel the fun. Music also plays a role psychologically in encouraging players to play with an active and relaxed mind. We have prepared a playlist containing the most hit songs in line with current trends.

Mega888 provides slot games and casino games.

This excellent online slot game gives you 2 main types of gambling games – slots and table games. This slot game is a machine game that we usually play. The table games are like baccarat, roulette, dragon tiger, and others. If you are interested in playing this table game, you can read our baccarat strategy to understand this game further.

However, you should also understand that live casino games and slot games are different. You must know the difference between live casino and online slots before playing. Once you understand the difference, you can maximize your winnings! The strategy for playing live casino and slot games is different, okay?

Okay .. we’re done chatting about this game information. Let’s learn how to download Mega888 on iOS now!

Download Mega888 and install on IOS.

Step 1.

Press iTunes Store and download VPN into your iOS smartphone. You can download any brand of VPN into your device because everything is the same. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a software that allows you to use other locations to download any app into your device.

Through VPN, mega888 this restriction area can be avoided. You can also get content that is banned in your country, but allowed in other countries.

Step 2.

Once you have downloaded the VPN, press the “connect” button to connect your internet channel to another country. Don’t worry as there will be no charges for your data internet usage. Everything is free.

If the VPN application has been connected, visit our website to get the latest mega888 iOS download!

Step 3.

Open your internet browser (Safari/Chrome) on your smartphone and visit our the official website to download the Mega888 APK. Press the All Device button and start download Mega888 APK for iPhone.

In a few seconds, the iOS download process will begin.

Step 4.

Press “allow” on the notification that will appear on your home screen to install the Mega888 application.

Step 5.

After you finish downloading the Mega888 app, an UNTRUSTED DEVELOPER notice will appear on your screen. But you don’t have to worry because this is a common thing. Our links are 100% safe to use.

Step 6.

Go to SETTINGS > GENERAL > DEVICE MANAGEMENT and the Mega888 developer name will appear. Press the developer’s name.

Step 7.

Press TRUST developer and press the TRUST ALL button. You don’t have to worry because this is the process to update the Mega888 app on the iPhone because our app is not in the AppStore.

The mega888 online casino app has already been downloaded to your iOS device! Remember to get a VPN to run mega888 iOS install. Be sure to download Mega88 from our official website. The original Mega888 iOS app and Mega888 APK download are only available on the our official website.

We gives a 100% guarantee that our game version is the latest iOS version here. If you are a user of the iPhone XS max, iPhone X or iPhone XR smartphone models, you can follow the same steps to play the new version of the mega888 game.

For new players, get your most Ong ID once for FREE. You just need to register and top up now to enjoy the Welcome Bonus for your first top up. Contact our customer service now!


Mega888 Online Casino provides a great environment for all online gambling aficionados without any regard to their experience level. Instead, it’s one of the best platforms for beginners to start at. Their user interface is simple but articulate and very easy to be comfortable around, especially if you’re a newbie. Excellent encryption protocols and policies make security robust, preventing miscreants from attacking personal user data. Mega888 may be confined to a few limited counties at the moment but there’s a lot of promise in its services that can help launch it in other parts of the world.